2020 Bethlehem Cemetery Rates

2019 Cemetery Rules and Regulations.

For all cemetery inquiries, please contact the sexton at 330-863-1540.


There are two cemeteries in Brown Township. Only Bethlehem Cemetery is currently active.
Click     Bethlehem Cemetery Regulations      to view or download the Brown Township / Bethlehem Cemetery rules and regulations.
REMINDER:  Winter and Christmas decorations must be removed from all lots by April 1st.

Notice (March 19th, 2019): The Board of Brown Township Trustees adopted a fee for disinterment in the amount of $2500 per interred person.  Please contact the sexton regarding any additional information.

Notice (May 21st, 2018):  The Board of Trustees of Brown Township adopted new rules for the Bethlehem Cemetery.  The rules will be fully enforced by the April 1st, 2019.

There shall be no fencing or borders (any garden stones or edgings) permitted around any headstones/markers.

All flower and grave decorations are to be placed within 6″ (6 inches) in front of the headstone.  No flowers, shepherd’s hooks, flags, banners, statues, etc. will be permitted on the sides and behind the headstone. Anything that is a detriment to the maintenance or mowing can and will be removed.

No lighting decorations or systems of any kind (solar or battery operated) are permitted due to security reasons.

Please note the Township is not responsible for anything damaged, stolen or removed from a lot.

For a full list of cemetery rules please see the Cemetery section on the website.

Effective July 1, 2013: All monument bases MUST be installed by the townships representative! You may contact the sexton.

NOTICE July 12th, 2016: The dimensions for headstones, markers and monuments are stated in the Cemetery Regulations.   Before making any purchases including on-line purchasing ; all monuments must be discussed through the Township Sexton.