Ed Clark is the trustee representative on the County 911 committee and the Great Trail Fire Board.

Ryan Irwin is the trustee representative on the Carroll County Health Board.

Christopher Rotondo

NOTICE (August 10th, 2017):  The Carroll County Engineer’s Office notified the Board of Trustees that Liberty Church road between Blade RD and Linden RD will be shut down, commencing on August 21, 2017 for 120 days.  The bridge is being replaced on that portion of the road. 

NOTICE (June 26th, 2017):  The Board of Trustees will be holding a special meeting on Thursday June 29th at 4 p.m. to discuss Healthcare Coverage for our employees.

NOTICE (APRIL 2017): The township is working with the Village of Malvern for an area clean up. It will be held on April 29th from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  And it will be hold at the Village Park.

NOTICE (January 18th, 2017): The Board of Trustee of Brown Township passed Resolution 01-2017 on the 17th of January 2017 appointing Christopher Rotondo to fill the vacant seat of trustee.  His term commenced on January 18th, 2017 and will end on December 31st, 2017.

NOTICE (December 26th, 2016) : The Board of Trustees for Brown Township, Carroll County is accepting resumes for the vacancy of a trustee position.  Please submit your resume no later than SUNDAY JANUARY 15th, 2017Please address your resume to the Board of Trustees.  You may mail your resume to P.O. Box 378 Malvern, OH 44644 or insert the resume in the mail slot on the back door to the office.

NOTICE (December 26th, 2016): The Board of Trustees agreed to move the January meeting to January 17th at 6:30pm in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

NOTICE (July 20th, 2016): The Board of Trustees have agreed to move the August meeting to August 22, 2016 at 6:30pm.  Please note that this is the fourth Monday of the month. 


NOTICE (May 17th, 2016): The Board of Trustees will meet on Monday June 6th at 6:30PM to work on the budget for 2017.  The Budget Hearing will be held on June 20th at 6:30PM.
NOTICE (May 17th, 2016): Brown Township Trustees are seeking a part-time or full-time person for our Road Department.  MUST HAVE CDLs. Please contact the Trustees at 330-863-1540.

 NOTICE: There has been an increase in people disposing of old tires along our roads and even leaving them on private property.  If you witness this, please get a license number/vehicle description and call the sheriff or a trustee.
  • June 2009: The Board of Trustees passed a resolution to control “junk vehicles” on private and public property.
  • June 2009: The Board of Trustees adopted a resolution governing sexually oriented business and employees.
June 15, 2009

The Brown Township Board of Trustees will allow residents of the “Mal-Wayne” mitigation area to use township owned lots in that area,  as private/personal gardens.  There is a very limited number of available lots for this purpose, and will be available on a “first come-first served”basis.   If interested, you must contact the township office to request a lot.   If the trustees approve your request, you must come to a township meeting and sign an agreement.  You will also have to provide a certificate of insurance, showing you carry liability insure on your current property.  If accepted, you will be required to keep the “garden” lot mowed also.  Please note, not all purchased / empty lots will be available for this purpose.

March 3, 2009
We have noticed an increase in the amount of trash being dumped along township roads.  If you see anyone doing this, please call the Sheriff’s Departmen (330-627-2141), or any of the Trustees.  And try to get a license number so we can prosecute the guilty parties.